CCA For Social Good’s ECE Shared Resources Website Receives Six Design Awards

Website utilized in 32 states to support the essential work of early education professionals.

Manchester, NH

The ECE Shared Resources website, currently utilized in 32 states in their effort to provide access to high quality child care and create better outcomes for children, received four awards in recognition of the creative, intuitive approach to supporting professionals in the child care sector with a newly released design and framework.

“We couldn’t be more honored to have our hard work recognized through these awards,” stated Denise Sayer, Vice President, CCA For Social Good. “The importance of creating innovative solutions in the child care sector to support the sustainability of these essential businesses across the country has always been our paramount focus. Now more than ever, the pandemic has revealed the vital role that high quality child care plays in the success of our children and its direct relationship to community economic stability. We see now more than ever that it is a critical piece of social infrastructure that supports parents’ employment. We are proud to have a leadership role in the strengthening of child care business operation and the child care sector at large.”

Developed in 2009 in response to the child care sector needs for comprehensive, effective supports to strengthen business operations, the ECE Shared Resources website provides early childhood professionals access to over 2,000 tangible tools and resources.  Each tool was created with one goal in mind, give ECE professionals more bandwidth, allowing business owners to spend less time focused on administrative tasks and more time focusing on the children and families they serve.

“We are thrilled to be seeing the positive results, both anecdotally and quantitatively, the redesign has had on the community we work with,” noted Erin Holt, Director, CCA For Social Good. “ECE providers are reporting they are finding more resources that can be implemented to support the success of their businesses. User data is showing us that business tools and resources related to operating during COVID-19 are the most frequently downloaded assets.  Further, the agility of the new design has allowed us to be responsive during the pandemic with the implementation of new toolkits and COVID-19 resources specifically created to support successful navigation through, and business survival during, this trying time.”

The ECE Shared Resources website redesign, from concept to execution, was completed in collaboration with two technical partners, Diagram based in Naperville, Illinois and Alicia Shea, an independent contractor based in the northeast.

For more information about CCA For Social Good and ECE Shared Resources, please contact Erin Holt at (603) 626-2109. 

About CCA For Social Good

CCA For Social Good is an operating division of CCA Global Partners, a privately held cooperative helping small businesses thrive for 30 years. CCA For Social Good provides web-based platforms to help thousands of nonprofit organizations and early childhood education (ECE) centers manage their businesses. The platforms (integrated password-protected websites) deliver a set of powerful tools and shared resources resulting in more efficient and successful operations. CCA For Social Good puts time and money back in the hands of directors and managers of ECE programs, allowing them to focus where it matters most: on their missions. To view a sample platform, please visit

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