NH Based Company is a Model for Global Business

Gender equality & the cooperative business model make NH-based CCA Global standout.

Manchester, NH

A New Hampshire company, tucked away in the Jefferson Mill in Manchester, NH is doing something special and capturing global attention.

Business leaders from Japan traveled across the world to visit CCA Global Partners, intrigued by the company’s continuous regional ranking as a top company to work for, and its unparalleled and progressive representation of women in leadership. Satoko Tokinaga of the Okinawa Institute said of the meeting, “It is an honor to speak with the leaders of CCA here in New Hampshire. Their business is of great interest to me.”

CCA Global is far ahead of the business norms when it comes to female leadership in the company. 

  • 59% of managerial and directorial roles at CCA Global are currently being held by women, this number is significantly higher than the average of 36% as reported in a recent study of S&P 500 Companies.

  • Women hold over 40% of the executive and high-level leadership positions in CCA Global compared to only 26% of S&P 500 Companies.

With these leadership trends, there is a strong indication that women will continue to take on a higher percentage of upper management positions at CCA Global. When asked about women in the workplace by a member of the Japanese delegation, Howard Brodsky, Co-founder and CEO at CCA Global noted, “I learned from an early age that women were powerful leaders. My mother was an entrepreneur, taking over the family business when my father passed away when I was 13. She and my sister kept the family and business together. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without those strong women in my life, and I know this $10 billion company (CCA Global) wouldn’t be half the company it is today without the strong and empowered female leadership it has.”

In addition to sharing best practices in promoting equal opportunities, the Japanese delegation also learned more about CCA Global’s business structure. They were intrigued by the company’s mission to serve family business in America through what Brodsky calls, “the contemporary cooperative business model.” The company isn’t publically traded, and it isn’t a franchise. CCA Global is a cooperative and is solely owned by the individual entrepreneurs operating family businesses throughout the US. Working for a co-op like CCA Global gives employees a deeper sense of pride in their work supporting local business owners compete in a fast-paced global economy. Amanda McCrea, an employee of Carpet One, CCA’s oldest and largest company, says, “I love working for a co-op because its more than a job - I feel like we make a difference in our member’s lives every day.”

Lindsay Gaskins, president of new ventures at CCA Global reaffirmed the benefit of CCA Global’s advanced leadership structure stating, “I am encouraged and inspired by our commitment to gender equality throughout our company ranks because I believe that diversity will continue to pay off as we grow.”

The delegation of Japanese business leaders is touring the United States to learn and share best practices for promoting workplace diversity and inclusion. The tour is part of the U.S. State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program.

About CCA Global Partners 
CCA Global Partners, Inc. is a privately held cooperative based in the United States with member businesses in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. For a quarter of a century, CCA Global has partnered with entrepreneurial businesspeople to create a cooperative powerhouse unmatched in the marketplace. With 15 independent business brands and more than 3,500 locations, CCA Global Partners is well positioned to positively impact the success of family businesses. For more information on CCA Global Partners, go to http://www.ccaglobal.com.


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