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A Mission Driven Organization

We help independent business owners thrive against their competition.

CCA Global Partners® is on a mission to ensure the success of independent, family-owned businesses. In an era when corporate giants dominate with hefty media budgets and substantial discounts, it’s an uphill battle for local family businesses to thrive. However, through unwavering innovation, boundless passion, and sheer perseverance, CCA Global Partners has found a way to level the playing field.

By generating the scale necessary for family-owned, independent businesses to not only survive but truly compete, we empower them to reach new heights. Through our extensive networks, CCA connects independent, family business owners, offering them invaluable resources, scalability, and ingenuity essential for sustainability, growth, and effective competition within today’s dynamic marketplace.

Our Brands

The largest floor covering cooperative in North America, Australia, & New Zealand, empowering entrepreneurs & family businesses to excel in retail.
Carpet one
Flooring America & Flooring Canada, the local flooring experts dedicated to winning customers' trust and recommendations.
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With showrooms that cater exclusively to trade professionals, we offer private spaces, expert advice, and a vast selection for home remodeling projects.
The purveyors of upscale flooring, we build the foundation for our customers’ vision. A Premier resource for homeowners, designers, and architects.
International Design Guild Store Hagopian
Lighting One® is the largest lighting and home décor cooperative in North America. 365+ retailers benefit from group power while maintaining independent ownership.
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The Floor Trader Cooperative® is CCA's outlet flooring division. We help customers create beautiful spaces for less with in-stock floors. That’s why we’re the money saver.
The Floor Trader
Kiba Studios® is the exclusive CCA Global Partners Kitchen and Bath Retail Program.
At CCA Global Partners, ensuring independent, family-owned businesses succeed is our mission.
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Flooring America & Flooring Canada, the local flooring experts dedicated to winning customers' trust and recommendations.
Flooring America and Flooring Canada Hero Image
We’re a group of elite licensed and insured contractors serving the property insurance industry. Highly experienced in insurance restoration and reconstruction.
Lionsbridge Contractor Group
Innovia co-op unites top community management companies and homeowner associations for an efficient, effective, and profitable solution.
Innovia Co-op
Savings4Members is our leading business savings program. Partnering with 120+ organizations and connecting over 1 million enterprises.
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We offer powerful tools and substantial cost savings that enable independent active-lifestyle retailers to increase profitability and propel their business.
The Bike Cooperative empowers local bike shops with tools, tech, and connections for more profit, traffic, and independence through national-scale solutions.
The Bike Cooperative
CCA For Social Good has a core mission of creating intelligent systems for nonprofits and childcare, unlocking resources, and advancing the mission of sector needs.
CCA for Social Good

“What I enjoy most is helping small businesses thrive by creating cost savings programs to drive down operational expenses. Knowing that I am impacting small businesses – the backbone of America – that is really meaningful to me.”

Sean PareDirector of Operations
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Our Culture
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“This place is not just a job. It’s a place where everyone comes to work for the common good, where people come together because they want to make a difference. At the end of the day, it’s about helping small businesses, and it’s about helping people thrive.”

Kennis BarkerCooperative Strategic Specialist
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Our Purpose

We believe in keeping local businesses local.

We believe in keeping local businesses local.

We exist to champion the independent entrepreneur. The small business owner. The family legacy. Our goal is to help the businesses that make communities great.

At CCA Global Partners, ensuring independent, family-owned businesses succeed is our mission. With corporate giants spending big media dollars and negotiating significant discounts, it is difficult for local family businesses to compete and succeed. CCA Global Partners® generates the scale that makes it possible for a family-owned, independent business to do more than merely survive; we make it possible for that business to compete and thrive.

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I truly believe that we are stronger together. One independent retailer standing on their own can only hold so much power in the marketplace. When we come together alongside other members and share ideas with one another, when we brainstorm, when we hold each other accountable…we are truly stronger together.

Katelyn McCarthy

Atlas Carpet One Floor & Home

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Briana Beauchesne

“The culture is what drew me to CCA, and my interview confirmed that this is where I wanted to work. From my first interview, to meeting the team I would be working with, I could tell it was a group of people who truly cared about bringing in the right person to build on the chemistry and teamwork of the organization.”

Briana BeauschesneeLearning Project Specialist
Howard + the University team
A Culture That Cares

The CCA Way
How we succeed by design

At CCA, we know our members get the best service when our employees know they are cared for. As leaders, we know it is our job to create a culture where that happens. We are proud to run an organization that serves our employees so that they can serve others.

The CCA Way
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“CCA is an honest and straightforward organization, but also really caring. I feel like I can really, truly be myself in my job in my role. I don’t feel like there’s any part of me that I can’t bring to work when I show up. I can be who I am, with my strengths and my weaknesses, and ask for help when I need it. I feel rewarded when I do a great job. I love that.”

Alexa CromwellDigital Project Manager
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