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International Design Guild® is a trailblazer in the luxury interior design domain. A marketing alliance of upscale, influential flooring showrooms. Catering to the needs of our members’ valued customers—homeowners, interior designers, and architects—IDG goes beyond being a source; it’s a strategic partner in pursuing elevated interior design. Rooted in a steadfast commitment to high-end aesthetics, IDG empowers its members to redefine industry standards and inspires them to set new benchmarks in the realm of exclusive flooring solutions. This dedication ensures that each member not only survives but thrives, consistently delivering unparalleled sophistication to their discerning clientele.

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Strategic Vision

Efficiency is our priority, and we offer a suite of services to optimize your business operations and provide our members with the tools they need to thrive. From managing fuel costs to strategic retail consulting, benchmarking success, and accessing discounts on various services, we streamline every aspect. Our HR and management support helps ensure optimal staffing and reduces turnover, and our proprietary system simplifies product and pricing management for seamless business operations.

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Store Design & Merchandising

Crafting Elevated Experiences

At International Design Guild®, we help ensure your showroom becomes a thriving space, maximizing turns and profit margins. From evaluating your current layout to offering recommendations based on the latest consumer trends, our custom design options guarantee effectiveness regardless of showroom size. Exclusive brands deter competition, and by leveraging the group’s buying power, we enhance profits, streamline claims tracking, improve close rates with top-notch warranties, and promote sustainability through reusable Displays For Life™ fixtures.

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Marketing and Advertising

Innovative Partnerships

At International Design Guild, we foster sustained, artistic growth for our members’ design businesses. We dedicate ourselves to comprehensive support across various facets, including global networking, technological advancements, showroom curation, and collaborative operations. Committed to setting new benchmarks, our goal is clear: your success is a masterpiece in design innovation.

International Design Guild Members
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“Being a part of IDG and CCA Global Partners is the best business decision we ever made. Networking with other store owners to share challenges and best practices is invaluable. The availability of specialists in every field from finance to HR to business education has allowed our business to grow and avoid the pitfalls we might have otherwise experienced.”

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