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At Innovia®, we unite and empower our network of independent community management members who serve more than 8,000 HOAs across the U.S. Our unique model leverages the collective strength of like-minded companies looking to thrive in an industry increasingly dominated by national consolidation.

Innovia stands as a beacon of support, helping members harness the true power of a cooperative. This collaboration equips them with essential tools and significant savings to ensure they stay competitive and succeed in a challenging market.

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Empowering Independent Companies and the Communities They Serve

The core mission of Innovia is to create a level playing field for our members. We firmly believe that the finest community management stems from independently run businesses deeply invested in their communities. This commitment is reflected in our relentless pursuit of innovative solutions, focused on nurturing the growth and prosperity of our members and the communities they serve. By prioritizing our members’ needs and success, we make sure Innovia is more than just a co-op; we are here to help build strong communities, enrich lives, and make community living experiences better for everyone.

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Dedicated to Our Members’ Success

Innovia’s strategy is thoughtfully crafted to strengthen independent community management organizations, offering them advanced technology and tools that streamline their operations and facilitate growth. Our resources serve as pathways to exclusive partnerships and opportunities, enabling these entities to excel and set new industry standards.

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The Innovia Advantage 

A dynamic cooperative in which shared knowledge and experiences drive our members’ success. As part of our co-op, members also enjoy exclusive discounts on essential products and services from renowned industry providers, giving them a significant edge in purchasing power. We provide a suite of extensive marketing services crafted to fast-track business growth and reinforce our members’ industry presence.

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