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Our approach at Fitness Shop Edge® lies in recognizing the invaluable contributions of local, independent retailers to our communities – something the big-box stores can never replicate. Inspired by our sister group, The Bike Cooperative, we have chosen this path because we believe in empowering these local businesses. As proud members of the CCA Global Partners® family, our team combines experience and solutions to provide local businesses with tangible advantages and comprehensive, full-service support.

Our SRS membership group consists of active lifestyle retailers, including fitness equipment, ski and snowboarding, water paddle sports and more. We believe local fitness and active lifestyle retailers provide superior service and expertise compared to many national competitors, and it goes beyond that. Local businesses bring an economic and cultural impact that big-box stores can’t match. When they stay local, it’s a win for their communities.

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“CCA Sports has delivered their promised rate with AMEX Credit Card processing, which will result in annual savings of nearly $6,000.”

Bob WalshController, Trailblazer/Denali, New Haven, CT
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Becoming a member of Fitness Shop Edge allows retailers to unlock a wealth of services designed to elevate every aspect of your business. From cutting-edge marketing solutions that boost market share and foster customer loyalty to consumer financing and exclusive cost savings that independent retailers can’t achieve solo, we seamlessly integrate resources for a future of enhanced profitability for our valued members.

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“We recommend letting the team at Fitness Shop Edge review your current credit card processing pricing. They save us over $30,000 per year on our AMEX processing alone.”

Jana ColeCole Sport, Park City, UT

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