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Thrive beyond expectations in our flooring community.

Step into the essence of Flooring America® and Flooring Canada®—a force not just comprised of flooring experts but a driving catalyst for entrepreneurial success. Our guiding principle is simple yet powerful: securing customers’ loyalty and earning referrals from friends. We’re more than a destination; we’re the trusted go-to where friends send friends® for reasons that resonate.

In our community, members of the cooperative thrive, with a clear focus on marketing, strong branding, national buying power, and solid business know-how. We empower retailers to weave their unique narratives, train teams to excellence, and operate seamlessly. In return, our members bring forth the latest in flooring trends and execute expert installations, all aimed at ensuring the joy of every customer they serve. Embrace a journey where success is not just encouraged; it’s inherent.


Strategic Excellence

Our commitment to member success is embedded in operational ingenuity at Flooring America and Flooring Canada. By utilizing advanced technology and offering a comprehensive product selection, we ensure our members provide seamless customer experiences. With a focus on marketing, branding, and operational efficiency, we empower our members to excel against big-box competition, cultivating heightened sales and profitability.

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Store Design & Merchandising

Elevating the Flooring Experience

At Flooring America and Flooring Canada, our pride lies in delivering an exceptional shopping experience through innovative store design and meticulous merchandising. Our retail spaces, crafted to captivate and inspire, showcase a diverse range of flooring products, from luxurious carpets to durable hardwoods and stylish tiles. 

Our Adore Your Floor Guarantee is straightforward. We are committed to the quality and durability of our flooring products, ensuring the customer’s investment is safeguarded for years. Our warranty is clearly defined by a heart system, with coverage varying according to the product’s heart rating and type, ranging from 15 to 50 years. This extended coverage period highlights our confidence in the durability and resilience of our flooring solutions. 

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Marketing & Advertising

Innovative Growth

At Flooring America and Flooring Canada, we foster sustained, profitable growth for our members’ businesses. We dedicate ourselves to offering comprehensive support across various domains, encompassing marketing, technology, merchandising, and operations. Committed to setting new benchmarks, our goal is clear: your success is a marketing masterpiece in the making. 

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“CCA comes up with ideas that we would never be able to do or afford to do ourselves because of the scale we have. The ideas they come up with to merchandise & promote our businesses are really great. I’ve learned there is always another level that you can take your business to.”

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