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Smart Systems To Change The World

We have one mission – build smart systems that unlock tools and resources for independent businesses and nonprofits to multiply their ability to deliver widespread social impact.

CCA For Social Good® addresses the evolving needs of vitally important social sector and mission-driven organizations across the country. 

We believe that a strong community depends on these essential organizations and others to support families, the workforce, and employers who rely on and benefit from the services of the social sector. 

We believe it is our social responsibility to strengthen our communities with solutions that affect long-term change.

We believe that a thriving community deserves a solution that supports economic sustainability.

That is why CCA For Social Good builds ready-made, scalable web platforms to provide a systems approach responding to the challenges and needs of these vitally important community partners, so they can spend less time on administrative functions and more time focused on advancing their mission.


Childcare Business Success

ECE Shared Resources™ is the critical business resource foundation for thousands of early care and education professionals striving to meet the ever-increasing demands of the field. Our platform supports high quality care in over 30,000 family and center-based child care programs, serving 1.75 million children across the United States.

CCA for Social Good Educator

Advancing Impact

Nonprofit Shared Resources is the foundation for mission-driven organizations looking to expand and advance their impact in communities.

Our skill in taking complex information and making it simple and easy to use is the core of our success in supporting and advancing nonprofits’ missions. We have assembled a virtual infrastructure that strengthens mission-driven organizational operation and supports our communities with a sustainable solution that affects long-term change.


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Ending Homelessness

There is a huge need for action. With approximately 580,000 people experiencing homelessness in the last year, only 354,000 available shelter beds, and 40% of Americans only one paycheck away from homelessness, we are leveraging our partnerships and expertise to respond with a long-term sustainable solution to ultimately change the face of poverty.

In collaboration with our partners at Switchpoint Industries, we are delivering a transformational business model to create affordable housing and innovative solutions for fiscally strong operations that establish the bandwidth to solve the homelessness crisis communities are experiencing.

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Client-Informed Technologies

The CCA For Social Good web-based platforms are informed by and responsive to client needs and industry trends to ensure we have powerful and sustainable impact where it matters most. 

  • Save Time
    Practical tools such as handbooks, policies, job descriptions, marketing support, budget tools, and cost savings are created specifically to help put more time back into the day.
  • Save Money
    By combining the purchasing power of very large pools of buyers, CCA For Social Good negotiates significant vendor discounts that enable organizations and businesses to achieve more with their existing budgets.
  • Maximize Impact
    With thousands of resources and comprehensive toolkits that simplify management and administrative functions to free up time and money, advancing impact just became that much easier.
CCA for Social Good Team Work

“The Provider Resource Hub (ECE Shared Resources Platform) has helped me to get my program better organized and running as a real business. Thank you for offering this platform to assist providers like me to become better entrepreneurs/business owners.”

Suezenette McDonaldChild Care Business Owner

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