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We guide independent flooring retailers to big savings for their customers

At the Floor Trader Outlet®, we are more than just the go-to destination for those needing exceptional floors fast –we proudly uphold our renowned status as The Money Saver™ for our members and their customers. As a member of The Floor Trader cooperative, you will have access to premium flooring at major discounts so that your customers can craft aesthetically pleasing spaces without breaking the bank. Our approach integrates a no-nonsense atmosphere, an extensive inventory of in-stock floors, and a cutting-edge technological foundation.

Our commitment is clear: we’re dedicated to fueling your business’s continuous and profitable expansion. With programs tailored for the efficient day-to-day operation of your business, you will be supported by a team of professionals who share your commitment to success. Whether it’s personalized consultations with our experts or collaborative sessions with like-minded peers, our approach ensures you remain independent, because at The Floor Trader, you’re the architect of your destiny.

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Experience Extraordinary Retail

Through bulk inventory, The Floor Trader outlet business model caters to empowered customers looking for in-stock flooring they can take home and install. Providing high-quality products that are both durable and beautiful, our members offer a no-nonsense shopping experience featuring remarkable floors that could be here today and gone tomorrow. Thanks to low overhead that keeps costs down, we have fine-tuned the floor buying and selling process, so that you can deliver results to your customers faster than any other retailer in the area.

Our members can access valuable resources from installer networking to high-tech selling systems and support. Our commitment to a no-frills approach is reinforced by providing your outlet location with DIY videos and targeted ad campaigns, catering to the budget-savvy do-it-yourselfers seeking quality products readily available in your wide selection.

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Save Big

At The Floor Trader, simplicity reigns supreme, and our no-nonsense shopping experience has solidified our reputation as The Money Saver™. The equation is straightforward: rolls of floor covering translate to significant savings. With our buying power, you can secure unbeatable deals from suppliers and proudly extend those savings directly to your customers.

Marketing & Advertising

Grow Success

Each day, The Floor Trader beats warehouse clubs and big-box stores. We know there is a strong desire to empower our customers to become masters of their flooring journey through exceptional values and unbeatable flooring. With our extensive network of vendors and suppliers, we can provide your store with the most up-to-date floor trends so your customers can shop new and exciting stock at fantastic prices. In doing so, The Floor Trader secures victories and contributes to the profitability of your independent business in the thriving DIY market.

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