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At CCA Global Partners®, we place our members at the heart of everything we do – a paradigm shift from external investors. 

As a pivotal player among cooperatives in the United States, we wield unparalleled scale and resources. Guided by a mission-driven approach, we help propel our members toward success and prosperity. By fostering this cooperative model, we empower our members to care for their families and communities while realizing their own financial growth.

Our Brands

The largest floor covering cooperative in North America, Australia, & New Zealand, empowering entrepreneurs & family businesses to excel in retail.
Carpet one
Flooring America & Flooring Canada, the local flooring experts dedicated to winning customers' trust and recommendations.
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With showrooms that cater exclusively to trade professionals, we offer private spaces, expert advice, and a vast selection for home remodeling projects.
The purveyors of upscale flooring, we build the foundation for our customers’ vision. A Premier resource for homeowners, designers, and architects.
International Design Guild Store Hagopian
Lighting One® is the largest lighting and home décor cooperative in North America. 365+ retailers benefit from group power while maintaining independent ownership.
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The Floor Trader Cooperative® is CCA's outlet flooring division. We help customers create beautiful spaces for less with in-stock floors. That’s why we’re the money saver.
The Floor Trader
Kiba Studios® is the exclusive CCA Global Partners Kitchen and Bath Retail Program.
At CCA Global Partners, ensuring independent, family-owned businesses succeed is our mission.
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Flooring America & Flooring Canada, the local flooring experts dedicated to winning customers' trust and recommendations.
Flooring America and Flooring Canada Hero Image
We’re a group of elite licensed and insured contractors serving the property insurance industry. Highly experienced in insurance restoration and reconstruction.
Lionsbridge Contractor Group
Innovia co-op unites top community management companies and homeowner associations for an efficient, effective, and profitable solution.
Innovia Co-op
Savings4Members is our leading business savings program. Partnering with 120+ organizations and connecting over 1 million enterprises.
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We offer powerful tools and substantial cost savings that enable independent active-lifestyle retailers to increase profitability and propel their business.
The Bike Cooperative empowers local bike shops with tools, tech, and connections for more profit, traffic, and independence through national-scale solutions.
The Bike Cooperative
CCA For Social Good has a core mission of creating intelligent systems for nonprofits and childcare, unlocking resources, and advancing the mission of sector needs.
CCA for Social Good
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“If there is one thing I have learned, it is that change is inevitable and very exciting at the same time. Change begins at the end of our comfort zone and helps push us to new heights.”

Frank ChieraSenior Vice President, Marketing & Advertising
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Our Member Programs

Just When You Thought CCA Couldn't Possibly Do More

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CCA NEX40 logo

NEX40 is a dynamic professional group dedicated to engaging the next generation of CCA business owners, equipping them to assume leadership of their family businesses. Relationships among store owners, CCA staff, and vendor partners are crucial for our cooperative’s seamless operations, often spanning generations within family-owned businesses. As younger generations take the reins from their parents, they strive to establish their own identities and reputations within the organization.

The primary objectives of NEX40 are to foster networking opportunities for emerging business owners independent of their parental connections, and to prepare them for leadership roles both within their businesses and within the cooperative. These goals are pursued through ongoing programs, events, communication platforms, and a dedicated council comprising 10 NEX40 members. Participation in conference sessions, webinars, trips, and council meetings signifies progress toward these objectives, leading to smoother ownership transitions, enhanced collaboration among store owners in CCA, and improved operational success across our stores.

Women of CCA

The Women of CCA is a vibrant, all-female group dedicated to empowering and inspiring women in the floorcovering industry to elevate their businesses and create better communities. As the next generation of leaders within Carpet One Floor & Home®, International Design Guild®, Flooring America®, Flooring Canada®, and The Floor Trader® becomes increasingly female, it’s crucial to foster a supportive environment for learning, adaptation, encouragement, and growth.

The Women of CCA challenge each other to reflect on the past to improve their future, share inspirational stories, insights, and best practices, and engage with industry experts and CCA staff. This group helps its members reach their full potential, celebrate both individual and collective successes, and build strong connections. The Women of CCA ensures that no woman in the flooring industry is ever alone by providing a supportive community for advice, information, laughter, and ongoing encouragement.

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“We create a network of independent businesses so CCA members never weather the storms that hit businesses – whether personal, a pandemic, mother nature, or economically driven.”

Jeanette LappeDirector, Human Resources
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