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Jan 12th 2022

Flooring America 2022 Style Watch List

January 12, 2022

Manchester, NH – Fueled by the pandemic’s home improvement boom, the flooring industry is experiencing a surge in popularity as consumers spending more time at home embarked on renovations and upgrades. As we head into a new year, Flooring America/Flooring Canada just released its 2022 Style Watch –a trend prediction of the 10 most distinctive flooring styles to watch this year.

2022 Flooring Style Watch: 

1. Hints of Blue. When it comes to infusing color into flooring, blue is fast becoming the new “neutral”. And with Pantone naming Very Peri, a periwinkle blue shade as 2022 Color of The Year, look for blue hues in interiors and flooring. Blue tends to be “trend proof” and stay en vogue. Blue shades can also maintain the neutral look of floors. 
Get The Look: Riverside Jungle by Tigressa Cherish in Lakeside

2. Luxurious Comfort. In chaotic times, people turn to comforts of the past and turn their homes into cozy retreats. A subset of the cottage core trend, luxurious comfort includes the return of wallpaper, vintage furniture, and soft, plush carpets. Consumers will continue to seek the comfort of a soft carpet underfoot by installing carpet in bedrooms, living rooms and family areas. 
Get The Look: Rival & Delightful by Revival by Resista in Succulent 

3. Distressed Vintage. The Cottage Core trend goes hand-in-hand with another 2022 style to watch: Distressed Vintage. Think white-washed antique barn and hand-scraped European Oak finishes that create lived-in interiors and harken back to retro styles from black-and-white tile to traditional dark hardwood flooring. 
Get The Look: Gilmore White Oak by Floorcraft Heritage in Burly 

4. Organically Natural. During the lockdown with so many having to put vacations on hold or work from home, many yearned to bring the outdoors inside and expand outdoor living spaces. This will continue into next year, with increased focus on nature-inspired textures and all natural materials. Bring this trend inside the home with wood, natural stone, or greenery. 
Get The Look: Revo Tile in Power Grey Matte  

5. Multipurpose Workspaces. Speaking of work from home, it continues to drive the market as WFH paves the way for continued upgrades to the working spaces in the home so offices or co-workspaces feature floors that combine function and feel good underfoot. 
Get The Look: Moonlight by Tigressa Cherish in Reflection 

6. Lighter and Brighter. Light floors will continue to be popular in 2022, making white oak and white ash appealing choices for many homeowners wishing to remodel their floors. Light colors open the home and act like mirrors by refracting light to make spaces with few windows and natural light feel larger and less confining. 
Get The Look: Downs H2O Timber in Gainsboro

7. Waterproof Flooring: For active families with kids and pets, the waterproof wave in flooring will continue well into 2022. These flooring products can withstand all kinds of unexpected accidents thanks to waterproof cores and revolutionary scratch-resistant technology. 
Get The Look: Lanes Prairie White Oak by Aquadura H2O in Banana Cream

8. Patterns on Patterns. Designers are predicting a pivot to patterns on carpets. Fun textures add dimension and patterns lend a distinct warmth to home design that can be subtle or bold. The maximalist trend will feature loud layered patterns and dramatic animal print area rugs. 
Get The Look: Define Yourself by Design Distinction in Sugar Sand 

9. Unlimited Variation. Embracing the beauty in wood variances is predicted to be one of next year’s design trends. Following a season of monochrome palettes with whites, grays and beiges, design will turn toward variation and various colorations across floors making it more conducive to decorating the surrounding room with warm and cool tones. 
Get The Look: Downs H20 Plank in Bristlecone Pine

10. Charismatic Personality. While many new flooring styles include modern finishes, warm and natural-feeling floors are an everlasting style popular in homes year after year– and this year is no exception. There’s evidence that this trend is hot for 2022, with aesthetics that thrill both traditional and blended design types like modern farmhouse and shabby chic. 
Get The Look: East Bluff by Floorcraft in Wynford 

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