At CCA Global Partners, Inc., the question “Who are we?” can’t be answered with a simple statement. We don't produce widgets or sell objects. Who we are is not defined merely by what we do. Rather, it is the sum of what we do, how we do it, and perhaps, most important, why we do what we do. 

What We Do 

CCA Global Partners empowers thousands of entrepreneurs to succeed in a marketplace that is influenced by widespread consolidation. Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and independent family business owners by providing the scale, resources, and innovation that create sustainability, growth, and effective competition in today's evolving marketplace. Across North America, more than 2,800 retail locations, 20,000 childcare centers and 1 million small businesses benefit from CCA's leadership through its fourteen different businesses. These businesses represent five distinct categories: flooring and home furnishings, business services, sporting goods, nonprofit and childcare, and management and contracting. 

How We Do It 

The cooperative business model creates the scale needed to provide innovative products, systems, and services that give family businesses a competitive edge while allowing them to maintain their identities. Because a cooperative is owned by, and operated for, the benefit of the people at the heart of the organization rather than outside investors, we can focus on helping our members succeed. CCA’s businesses have proven the success of the cooperative model.

Why We Do It 

We believe family businesses are essential to an equitable and sustainable future. Their success helps make the world a better place for everyone. CCA aims to create a mutually rewarding bond between our members and their local communities whereby our growth generates social development and enhances the lives of customers and entrepreneurs worldwide. 

How Passion and Innovation Make Us Work

What do independent local businesses need to compete? Scale, resources, and insight. One independent business may struggle to achieve even one of these. Through CCA, these businesses can pool their resources to make a bigger impact, leverage their cooperative buying, benefit from shared branding and marketing, and invest together in focused innovation and technology. They share knowledge and work in concert while still maintaining their local identity and independence. The process is democratically controlled, and the business is owned by the members rather than outside investors. This is a cooperative. The cooperative business model is a way to give local businesses and entrepreneurs the scale, resources, technology, and innovation to compete and succeed.  

CCA has developed a sophisticated variety of business, marketing, and operational tools to achieve economies of scale while preserving the spirit of entrepreneurialism. 



From our earliest days as a thirteen-member flooring retailer cooperative to a global company with diverse businesses and best-in-class programs, CCA Global has forged a successful path for thousands of independent businesses, and earned its reputation as an industry leader and cooperative innovator.



In 1985, Carpet One is established, with 13 members. By year’s end, retail sales volume for Carpet One’s 26 members reaches $25 million.


ProSource, a closed showroom, wholesale floor covering company catering to commercial developers, designers, real estate brokers, and installers, launches.


CCA creates Stone Mountain’s Flooring Outlet as a new brand focused on value pricing.


Carpet One acquires the exclusive licensing rights to Bigelow® —one of the industry’s most powerful brands.


Carpet One begins to look outside the US for growth opportunities. In Carpets, based in Queensland, Australia, becomes the first non–North American member of Carpet One, followed by members in New Zealand and Canada.


The cooperative expands with the launch of Carpet One Canada.


International Design Guild launches, catering to interior designers and discriminating consumers by providing quality flooring from around the world.


Carpet Co-op of America purchases certain assets of franchisors Flooring America and Flooring Canada, which are recast as a cooperative.


Stone Mountain’s Carpet Mill Outlet acquires the franchise of 93 units of GCO Carpet Outlet.


Carpet Co-op of America acquires Rug Décor®, Lenders One®, and a majority interest in FloorExpo®.


America’s Carpet Gallery operations merge with Flooring America operations and Carpet Co-op of America changes its name to CCA Global Partners.


CCA Global Partners acquires certain assets of national lighting company Ilucio and forms Lighting One.


An alliance is created between CCA Global Partners and the United Kingdom’s Associated Independent Stores Limited (AIS); the result is Flooring One®.


Carpet One announces a working relationship with global fashion company Liz Claiborne® and debuts the Liz Claiborne Home collection.


Carpet One announces Good Housekeeping branded carpet.


CCA Global Partners expands into the biking industry with a new affiliated company, The Biking Solution.


Carpet One Floor & Home launches Carpet One Welcomes Your Support to raise funds for breast cancer research and awareness.


CCA Global Partners obtains exclusive rights to Anderson Hardwood Floors’ new Biltmore Estate for Your Home Collection.


Flooring America joins forces with the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement.


BizUnite launches its Independent Business Platform, a tool that helps independent businesses compete with their larger competitors.


CCA For Social Good is launched as a new division to create smart systems that help nonprofit and childcare organizations realize the benefits of scale by unlocking resources than can be invested in advancing their missions.


Carpet One Floor & Home announces the relaunch of 180-year-old Bigelow Carpet Collection


CCA Global Partners Seizes New Opportunity in Community Management - Establishes Innovia Community Management Cooperative


CCA Global Partners’ New Division – Lionsbridge Contractor Group – Bridges Gap Between Policyholders, Insurance Companies, and Contractors


CCA Global Partners adds Tigressa Cherish to its already successful Tigressa SoftStyle carpet line for an even softer option.


CCA Global Partners launches new exclusive carpet brand Innovia featuring their exclusive Innotex fiber.


The Floor Trader rebrands as the Floor Trader Outlet, changing from a franchise model to a cooperative, and introduces the Theory of Outletivity.


BizUnite rebrands to savings4members and continues to grow and provide significant business savings to organizations and independent retailers across North America.


Drive launches as CCA Global’s first technology company focused on helping independent retailers elevate the way they communicate with customers.