Environmental Awareness

Encouraging and helping others to follow in their ecological footprints.

For a product to earn classification as Green Select®, there are several criteria that must be met. It must be recyclable, contain a minimum percentage of recycled material, or be made from a natural, sustainable, quickly renewable resource. The definitions, criteria and green products will be constantly evaluated and updated based on industry changes and technological advances. CCA is steadfast in their mission: to better our environment by our own actions and through our relationships with our member community, suppliers and employees.

CCA is following through on this commitment by educating employees and members on the importance of implementing Green Select standards. They also strongly encourage partnerships and employee volunteerism with environmentally-focused nonprofit organizations.

As part of this deep obligation to “greening” our industry and our world, CCA pledges to:

  • Seek ways to expand our exclusive line of Green Select products.
  • Model a commitment to examine all our business and procurement practices and to acquire and use resources as respectfully and thoughtfully as possible.
  • Guide our member community to help them operate their businesses in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Partner with our suppliers to help them continue to provide the highest quality and value, with enhanced environmental responsibility.
  • Mentor our employees and member community, and provide educational resources to help them make environmentally-conscious decisions.



Our Green Select program is our commitment to encouraging and helping others to follow their ecological footprints.

Our employees love where they work.

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