CCA For Social Good

Created with CCA Global Partners’ solid history of helping independent organizations work together to maintain independence and achieve scale, CCA For Social Good has one goal: create smart systems that help nonprofit and childcare organizations realize the benefits of scale by unlocking resources than can be invested in advancing their missions. Two web-accessible platforms streamline administrative tasks allowing you to focus on the work that matters most.

Tools At Work

Non-profit Shared Resources & ECE Shared Resources provide thousands of vetted resources so leaders can focus on their missions.

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Chairman and co-CEO Howard Brodsky shares the story behind CCA For Social Good.

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Giving 320,000 Child Care Centers Tools They Need.

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CCA For Social Good Leadership

Denise Sayer

Vice President, CCA For Social Good

Denise’s experience, coupled with her passion and vision, provides a unique skill set to poise the CCA For Social Good division for continued growth.

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Supporting nonprofit organizations and early childhood education practitioners.