CCA For Social Good

Created in response to a resounding call for assistance from the nonprofit and early childhood education and care sectors, CCA For Social Good established one goal: create smart systems that help nonprofit and childcare organizations realize the benefits of scale by unlocking resources than can be invested in advancing their missions.

Tools At Work

Non-profit Shared Resources & ECE Shared Resources provide thousands of vetted resources so leaders can focus on their missions.

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What We Do

The childcare and nonprofit sectors are challenged with rising costs, shrinking budgets, a rapidly changing workforce, and the diversified needs of people they serve. CCA For Social Good builds online resource tool kits that provide a systems approach to address the challenges and needs of these vitally important community partners.

How We Do It

We understand nonprofit organizations and, specifically, have a solid understanding of early childhood education organizations. We help them work smarter with resources that save time. For example, our member organizations have access to a library of easily editable documents and commonly used forms and guides. We help increase quality through our knowledge hub and curated resources that save time and allow an organization’s staff to spend more time focusing on its mission.

Why We Do It

We believe that a strong community depends on these essential organizations to support families, employers, and the overarching services of the social sector. Strengthening the administrative functions of the nonprofit and childcare sectors is the core of CCA Global’s mission in serving the thousands of members we support across the United States. We believe it is our social responsibility to strengthen the business of childcare and nonprofits by helping to create and provide sustainable solutions that effect long-term change.

We Care

CCA recognizes the essential role nonprofits and childcare organizations have in our communities. With an emphasis on enhancing their strength and sustainability, we give these organizations the resources they need to focus on advancing their mission. When these vital organizations thrive, our communities benefit. The essential support delivered to the greater community by childcare organizations and nonprofits strengthens and enriches the infrastructure and provides lasting benefits for all community members.


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Chairman and co-CEO Howard Brodsky shares the story behind CCA For Social Good.

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CCA For Social Good Leadership

Denise Sayer

Vice President, CCA For Social Good

Denise’s experience, coupled with her passion and vision, provides a unique skill set to poise the CCA For Social Good division for continued growth.

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