Drive is a technology company focused on helping independent retailers across multiple industry verticals drive more leads, close more sales, and elevate the way they communicate with customers across digital and direct-to-consumer marketing.

DRIVE is a fully managed, highly personalized marketing automation platform that combines all the digital marketing tools in one easy-to-use system.


What We Do

Drive is a technology-driven lead building, lead conversion, and lead nurturing suite of bundled marketing services. We bring together CRM, email, marketing automation, social media, direct marketing, lead scoring, and more to create an easy-to-access tool for independent businesses.

How We Do It

We simplify the marketing process for retailers by using a customer-centric marketing approach to automation. We can create highly personalized campaigns for prospects and customers that drive more quality leads. By using technology to score leads, we can provide retailers with a “value score” that helps them understand the quality of each lead and how to best respond. With data collected by the system, we can guide customers' digital marketing journeys and help retailers close sales.

Why We Do It

Customers have different profiles and potential, and we believe that creating customized experiences will give our independent retailers the edge they need to compete in a fast-paced, automated world.


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DRIVE Leadership

Keith Spano


As President, Keith Spano's primary role is ensuring the ongoing success of DRIVE.


Frank Chiera

SVP of Marketing and Advertising

As Senior Vice President of Marketing & Advertising, Frank leads all marketing and brand-building initiatives for DRIVE.

The power of the first fully integrated and totally automated retail marketing system is at hand.