Innovia Coop

Innovia co-op brings together North America’s most talented and progressive community association management companies and self-managed homeowner associations to empower an efficient, effective, and profitable future.

Community Base aggregates all existing community resources into a mobile app, creating convenience and increasing communication between residents and management.

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What We Do

With members from coast to coast serving over one million residents in thousands of communities, Innovia delivers the benefits of scale to local, independently owned community management businesses. Together, our members profit from the power of the cooperative to gain the tools and savings to remain competitive in a market rife with national consolidation.

How We Do It

We develop our resources to benefit independent community management organizations and large self-managed communities. They range from the technology and tools that make operating and growing more streamlined to exclusive partnerships that would be difficult for an independent company to implement alone. CommunityBase, the smartphone app developed to streamline communication between homeowners and community managers, is just one of these tools. CommunityBase brings together member resources, such as websites, calendars, and payment portals, and introduces powerful features, such as push notifications, to make homeowner communication easier than ever.

Why We Do It

Innovia co-op exists to level the playing field for independent community association managers because we believe the best community management comes from locally invested, independent businesses. Every day, we strive to make our “why” the empowerment of our member businesses. We do this by continually asking how, with a focus on delivering the solutions that help our members and their communities thrive.


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Proud supporter of the Manchester Animal Shelter

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