International Design Guild

Design is a constantly changing and ever-evolving creative process that relies on its community of visionaries and leaders to challenge and inspire one another. Design excellence is the culmination of the many, not the few, and nowhere does design come together more triumphantly than at IDG. The International Design guild is a collaborative of like-minded design partners whose collective experience, passion, and abilities are woven together for the benefit of partner’s communities. As purveyors of the world's finest upscale flooring we provide the foundation to our customer’s vision. As a collaborative we evolved through the shared expertise of our members. As thought leaders we inspire through our commitment to advancing our industry. As neighbors we nourish the spirit of our communities through the power of design. At IDG we do not stand alone in our commitment to design excellence. We are where designs come together.

Finest By Design

An elite guild of showrooms and designers driven by the inspired life.


In the Community

Impacting thousands of lives through Design for a Difference.

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In-store events change communities by design.

International Design Guild Leadership

Keith Spano


As President, Keith Spano’s primary role is ensuring the ongoing success of International Design Guild members while maximizing their profitability.

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