Lighting One

Lighting One is the largest independent cooperative and lighting specialty retailers in the US, selling roughly $450-million a year of high-quality lighting and home decor products. Its 260 member locations leverage operational efficiencies that cannot be achieved by an individual store. Lighting One members save money, making them more successful and profitable. Lighting One continues to outpace industry service and growth standards, providing even more buying power to its members.

Lighting One

Membership Benefits

Members of Lighting One have unique programs and services that cut costs and boost profitability in all aspects of their business.

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Lighting One Leadership

Gregg Garofalo


As President of Lighting One, Greg focuses on keeping the business aggressive and fast growing as he provides guidance for over 296 locations across North America and Canada.


Belonging to Lighting One buying cooperative could help you improve your business and your bottom line.

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