The Bike Cooperative

On every bicycle, the drivetrain links the rider with the power and efficiency to go great distances. For The Bike Cooperative® (TBC) and independent bike retailers, the relationship is no different. By uniting local bike shops from across the country, we create the solutions at scale to drive our industry further.

Our Mission

To make successful independent bike retailers more profitable.

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What We Do

As the largest cooperative for independent bike retailers in North America, TBC empowers local bike shops with the momentum that makes a difference by providing the best available cost-saving, marketing, operational, and training programs in the industry—everything members need to run their businesses smarter and easier.

How We Do It

When passionate local bike shops link together through TBC, they gain the tools, tech, and connections that translate membership into momentum. Through the power of national scale, every member store gains the high-impact solutions that empower bike stores to make more money, increase store traffic, and stay independent. From digital strategies and automated customer loyalty programs, such as our Ride Club, to cost-saving programs, strategic vendor partnerships, and more - TBC puts technology and scale to work for local bike shops from coast to coast.

Why We Do It

TBC believes in the entrepreneurial spirit of the independent bike retailer and the positive contribution bike shops make to their local communities with respect to advocacy, charity, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. We believe that local bike stores are truly the heart and soul of the bike industry, and we strive to keep them moving forward.

We Care

Our mission from day one has been to help local bike shops become more profitable and enable them to get more people to ride bikes in their communities.


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