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Jul 31st 2023

CCAU vantage point academy

July 31, 2023

CCA Global Partners in-house training arm — CCA Global University – is bringing its Vantage Point Academy six-month intensive business training and development course to the prestigious Alnoba Center in Kensington, NH from May 15-19.

Inspired by executive MBA programs, the academy is part of a suite of continuing education benefits offered to members of CCA Global Retail Group divisions.  The group will focus on key business points during the weeklong program, with ongoing communication for six months following, and then the CCA University team meeting on-site with members at their businesses for two days to check on progress.

“Vantage Point provides current and future business owners with core business and visioning skills. It really is a premiere level experience dedicated to the development of our future strong and knowledgeable leaders in the flooring industry,” said Nicole Harding, Vice President of CCA Global University. “We’re bringing Vantage Point to the next level by being at  Alnoba, a best-in-class facility set in an inspiration and natural environment.”

She continued: “Attendees will walk away motivated to reach new heights in both their professional and personal development.”

To date, more than 50 members have completed the program, with the majority of participants becoming owners of their businesses and/expanded the business.

“We very much enjoyed Vantage Point and it made a significant impact on our business. 

We made several changes within our store to include staffing changes (some promotions/some layoffs), technology improvements (Measure Mobile), and most importantly we’ve increased our margins substantially,” said past participant Julie M. Bastas of Contract Flooring/Carpet One.

Vantage Point is part of CCA University’s commitment to provide the highest level of education and training to members and the team, including an overarching strategy of succeesion planning within many family-owned and local independently-owned businesses.

Topics covered during the intensive training include marketing strategies, customer acquisition, process flow, value creation, financial and operational analysis and leadership behavior.